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Some Internet Companies Imitate Google And

Some Internet Companies Imitate Google And

It is more than understandable that Internet giants Google and Facebook are so regularly in the headlines. Just about every online user today depends on the services of at least one of the two, with most likely both maintaining their own Facebook profiles and web internet security using Google's search services. It is not hard to comprehend why people would want to stay informed about these major players, then, or why journalists would want to write about them.

Not all of the headlines related to these two titans are positive, though. There has been a growing awareness about the depth and breadth of the information that they collect about their users, as well as increasing discomfort about the ways they use it. Over time, Google and Facebook both build up in-depth profiles about every person who uses their services, putting the wealth of information that they accumulate directly at the service of advertisers and other third parties.

While it is often Google and Facebook that receive condemnation for this kind of activity, the truth is that they are far from alone. In fact, hundreds of different technology companies today seek to build up similar profiles about online users, knowing that there will be plenty of value and interest in their doing so.

The difference is that many of these smaller players are even less conscientious about how they go about this. Google and Facebook, even while engaging in what some would consider unacceptable intrusions into their users' lives, try to maintain images that reflect their importance to the Internet as a whole. Small-time data collectors, on the other hand, frequently make use of underhanded techniques that the leaders of much larger and more image-conscious companies would never okay.

In many cases, this means deploying spyware programs that masquerade as something else. As technology website Martinus Tech has reported, users can fall prey to such programs through actions as simple as installing something entirely unrelated. Often left piggybacking and hidden in software installers, these programs can result in even more leakage of information than the most devoted Google and Facebook users face.

It therefore makes good sense for most to engage in regular detection and spyware removal maintenance. Thanks to the efforts of top computer security experts, this often requires little more than scheduling a monthly run of a program designed for the purpose. With so many being devoted to following in the less-admirable footsteps of major companies like Google and Facebook, this has become an important form of online self-defense.

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