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In ancient Persian times, people enjoyed warm breads and nice meals in the road-side cuisine. And Shabestan, is created to be totally dedicated in offering the True Taste of Persia to its customes.

Shabestan boasts of authentic, high quality Persian cuisine, is a great place for private parties, corporate events and large group gatherings. The food is amazingly refine, with tender juicy meats that are non-greasy and yet so tasty. The saffron rice is authentically of Persian quality, shaped long grained-like, fluffy and delicious.

On top of their great service and attentive staffs, the restaurant offers free unleavened homemade bread served with feta-like cheese and mint. Some of their popular food selections starting from their appetizers – such as KufteParsi (Fresh minced lamb, nuts and vegetables), and Halim Bademjan (Pureed eggplant with braised tender lamb and green lentils, garnished with sun-dried yoghurt and mint sauce), a couple of their recommended main courses are the Chicken Masti (a Southern Persian dish – Fresh boneless chicken leg marinated with yoghurt and Persian herbs), Lamb Kubideh (Skewered char-grilled tender ground lamb and whole tomato), and be sure to try out their desserts – FaludehShirazi& Ice Cream (Pistachio ice cream served atop Persian noodles), and Baghlava (A Classic Middle Eastern Pastry – sweetened with honey and rose water).

With too many Japanese, Korean and Western style dining choices alike, it is rather refreshing to be able to have an alternative choice. Look no further, and you will be in for a pleasant surprise.

Address :80 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-13, Singapore 239013
Tel : 6836 1270
Hours of Operations : Monday to Thursday - 4:00pm to 10:30pm Friday to Sunday - 12:00pm to 11:30pm
Email : info@shabestan.sg
Cuisine : Middle Eastern
Total Hits: 2266

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