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Leong Ji Seafood
Located at the heart of Hougang, Leong Ji Seafood is your typical Tze Char restaurant that offers a delectable array of Chinese cuisine. A family-oriented restaurant, it boasts of an inspiring list of dishes at affordable prices and offers an alfresco dining option as well. It is naturally ambient-ic of a coffeeshop with the occasional shrills and booming voice of that aunty scurrying past your seat.

The service here is excellent and the staff will not hesitate to introduce you their signature dishes. They are well-known for their prized dishes such as Nonya Steamed Fish, Homemade Crispy Beancurd, Golden Glazed Pork Ribs, Butter Sotong and Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves, just to name a few. The star dish has got to be the Nonya Steamed Fish, which was one dish that you will see on every table in the restaurant. The gravy was infused lemongrass and made fragrant with coconut milk, simmered spicily with cubes of pineapples, pound chilies and various spices. It is best eaten with rice, and the grouper itself was also fresh with the meat being soft yet firm with no fishy taste. Another highly recommended dish is their homemade crispy beancurd, which is a crunch of delight and goes exceptionally well with the mayonnaise provided. No doubt, it is a good starter to the meal. You are also highly advised to try the Butter Sotong. It is delectably crispy with a fragrant batter that covers the squiggly squid on the inside. The butter aroma slowly permeates out from each piece and when coupled with steaming rice, it becomes some sort of savoury and sweet delight – definitely a heavenly match.

The prices here are very reasonable, estimated to cost less than 12 dollars per person. Needless to say, it is definitely worth it. The Nonya Steamed Fish is a must order when you visit the stall, otherwise it would be a sin to eat that rice without that deliciously thick rempah. You are highly advised to make reservations to avoid disappointment, as it is almost always crowded especially during weekends.

Address :1,Hougang Street 51,#01-51 Hougang Green Shopping Mall, Singapore 538719
Tel : 9026 1882
Hours of Operations : Always open
Email :
Cuisine : Chinese
Website :
Total Hits: 3030

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