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Cafe Print serves delicious western cuisine with great portion. It is a great place to hang out with friends, or even to spend a quiet afternoon with coffee, dessert and a book.
6203 0250

Get your nutritious boost in our All-You-Can-Eat salad bar, which is famous for its wholesome taste & supreme quality. Care is taken in selecting only the best ingredients to deliver fresh & crispy greens daily. A great place for kids to start their healthy eating habits!
6254 7872

BLACK&INK is a black and white themed cafe where diners will be able to fill their tummies in comfort. The charming cafe not only serves coffee but also small and artful desserts.
9620 1022

25 grams Enterprise resident chef, Nicole make customized cupcakes, fondant cake Singapore, cake lavender, Cake Kallang, baby shower, and Wedding cake.
9236 0448

Carol Mel Café serves Ipoh-inspired home recipes passed down from generations in a cozy Scandinavian-styled hideout.
6635 5755

Crumbs Jardin Bakery is a hidden find that you might actually like serving delicious and special cupcake flavours. They also specialize in customizing cakes for many occasions.
8288 8423

Chic-a-boo, offer fresh and tender chicken, set meals, burgers, bites and sides at valuable price bundles.
6710 5605

Banh Mi restaurant serves Vietnamese cuisine. Banh Mi restaurant decorated with bamboo shoots and traditional vietnamese décor, diners are able to have the most realistic vietnamese dining experience possible!
6702 3230

A Loy Na Mookata is one of the few mookata outlets that using the traditional charcoal method, which allows the smoke from the charcoal to reach the meat and perfume it making the meat more fragrant and tasty.
9824 1900

Oinkata was set up by four founders who are passionate to introduce Mookata to more Singaporeans and aims to satisfy Mookata lovers, old and young alike. Oinkata is a must try for any Mookata lovers.
8500 0104

Located in Sengkang, amidst the hustle and bustle of a heartland hawker center, Bkk mookata provides a place for hungry heartlanders to gather over a sumptuous meal of authentic Thai Mookata dinner.
+65 9224 5992

Expressivo cafe is a family friendly café which serves up simple and quick bites such as sandwiches, pastas and homemade pizzas.
6341 5602

HamBaoBao serves simple but yet delicious home made burgers. Located in a hawker centre in one of Singapore’s oldest shopping malls, Beauty World.
9667 5254

Chinatown Traditional Kitchen situated at Mosque Street serves authentic and famous traditional zichar recipes along with fresh and home-brewed coffee, tea and Chinese herbal drinks.
6222 9700

Precious Bak Kut Teh is newly opened Klang style Bak Kut Teh restaurant at Serangoon Road which brought to you the famous "meat bone tea" of its recipe from Malaysia into Singapore.
9765 1229

Azmaya Honten is a New Japanese restaurant in town serving authentic Japanese cuisine. With an extensive selection of choices offered, Azmaya Honten is sure to satisfy whatever cravings you and your family and friends have.
6737 3287

Saveur Thai Restaurant is a new opening restaurant in Singapore which situated in the corner of the food central succesfully serving Thai Cuisine in Singapore.
6509 0777

Lai Yu Lai Three Sauce Simmer Pot is a nice dining place in Singapore that serves traditional yet creative Chinese simmer pots dishes ideal for sharing together with couple, friends or family.
6444 4115

Kiku is one of a traditional Japanese food restaurant in Singapore. The sushi and sashimi are made fresh from tuna from Tsukiji Market which are imported directly from Japan.
6225 5567

Dong Po Colonial Cafe let you travel to the past in the year of '50s and '60s where you can play and dine with your love ones and chat all along to reminisce what is Singapore way back. It specializes in retro cakes and pastries.
6298 1318

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